Inside the group SCRMOLCER it’s born a graphic study the “MOLGRAPHSTUDIO” able to develop ideas, graphic projects and aesthetics solutions to ensure not only a technical product but also of trend and of image. In the design department SCRMOLCER there’s a team engaged to providing timely and innovative solutions to customer needs.

Research and Development

The concept of research and development is produced inside the group by our technical staff of mechanical engineers who avail of several 2D and 3D workstations, providing studies and development tools for each customer according to their type of requests on every typology of product supplied. The research and development office avails also of our graphic study "MolgraphStudio": collaborators and graphic study engage together to realize projects with mechanical tendency solutions of avant-garde and aesthetics for the different exigence of our customers  of the world view. In this range global solutions are born and they are presented to customers by the "MolgraphStudio".

After - Sales

Always the group Scrmolcer has engaged for the search of the complete satisfaction of customers. We consider as a priority the after-sales service and in scrupulous way we follow what happen in factory when the products installed. In this way we provide a constant after-sales service and we’re able to offer effective solutions, replying to customer needs during the good lifecycle.